Vertical Run

The SHKP Vertical Run for Charity, an important sports event introduced in 2012, and a series of warm-up community activities promote healthy living. The event takes place in Hong Kong, a vertical city with stairs everywhere, and encourages the general public to choose the stairs for a healthy lifestyle, while putting Sports-for-Charity into practice to care for and help those in need in society.

The SHKP Vertical Run for Charity is held at two locations, including the Race to Hong Kong ICC, at the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong, and the Race to Shanghai IFC, at the Shanghai IFC. So far, over 17,000 participants have supported the event, putting Sports-for-Charity into practice.

As part of its commitment to Building Homes with Heart, SHKP donates all event registration fees, with no deductions, to charity organizations in support of service programmes for the development of underprivileged children and young people. To date, all proceeds, together with the SHKP’s top-up donations, have accumulated to over $45 million, and have benefitted tens of thousands of people in need.

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