Funded Projects

As part of its commitment to Building Homes with Heart, Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) promotes Sports-for-Charity by organizing major sporting events in the city, such as the SHKP Vertical Run for Charity and the Sun Hung Kai Properties Hong Kong Cyclothon, as its title and charity sponsor. Event proceeds go to charity organizations in support of service programmes for the development of underprivileged children and young people, helping those in need in society.

Funded projects in 2018-19

SHKP Science and Innovation Project for the Gifted and SHKP Project Gifted Creators

Run by: The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
Beneficiary: Over 600 people (since project commenced in 2016)

Many grassroots families cannot afford extra-curricular activities for their children even if they have potential and interest in areas like science and engineering, so their talent may remain undeveloped and they may experience emotional distress.

SHKP has funded The SHKP Science and Innovation Project for the Gifted since 2016 which provides free STEM courses for gifted Primary 3 to Secondary 2 children from low-income families. The courses include thinking skills, geoscience, mechanical engineering, aerospace science and mountaineering. A variety of STEM experience days are also held to develop the participants' potential in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, enhance their thinking skills, and ignite their creativity. Their emotion becomes more stable through the positive experience.

The SHKP Project Gifted Creators further combines scientific thinking elements with basic STEM knowledge to boost the creativity of gifted children as well as attitudes and skills they need to deal with problems. Participants are trained to be creative when they face difficulties, and proactive in seeking solutions. The project also encourages gifted children to improve their living environment through creativity and their own skills.


SHKP Rainbow with KIDS

Planned by: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Run by: Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, Harmony House, the Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council and the Salvation Army
Beneficiary: Over 500 people (since project commenced in 2017)

In Hong Kong, many children are experiencing parental separation or divorce, family violence, bereavement of parents or other family crises. These unstable family factors may result in a lot of anxiety, negative emotions, stress and even trauma to children, and have a far-reaching impact on their psychological and social development.

To address the needs of these children, SHKP has sponsored the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to plan and organize the SHKP Rainbow with KIDS since 2017. In the project, four experienced NGOs provide diversified therapeutic services for children and young people encountering family crisis. The services include case interviews, group counselling, games, art and narrative therapy to help the participants relieve psychological stress, express their emotions, and re-build confidence.


SHKP 'Art to Heart' Expressive Arts Therapy Program

Run by: Changing Young Lives Foundation

This project helps to enhance the emotional management skills and resilience of secondary school students who need emotional support through a series of on-site school workshops.


'Build Up Love' Supportive Scheme for Underprivileged Children and Families Living in Rural Areas of Yuen Long

Run by: Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council

By organizing different activities, the scheme exposes children to new things, enriches their life experience, boosts their optimism, and improves parent-child relationships by encouraging parents and children to spend quality time together. Build Up Love Ambassadors are recruited to help decorate the homes of beneficiary families, improve the learning environment of the children, and broaden their community network.


Projects run by the charities under the Community Chest of Hong Kong

Parade of Light - Pilot Project on "Child-focused" Intervention Programme for Children Facing Parental Conflicts / Separation or Divorce

Run by: Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

The project helps children who face family conflicts or who are from families whose parents are divorced or separated develop the capacity and resilience to positively cope with the stress and impact arising from family crises.


Discover Talents through Happy Training

Run by: The Methodist Church Hong Kong - Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service

The project aims to help children with special education needs (SEN) improve their overall development and discover their talent through intensive training, character building and interest activities, helping them to create a happy childhood. It also provides parents with hands-on skills workshops, as well as emotional support and counselling to help foster positive parent-child relationships.


Youth Outlook - Youth Mental Health Services

Run by: Stewards

The project helps young people with early psychosis or emotional distress to get proper support as early as possible, thus accelerating rehabilitation and reducing the impact on their life, learning, social life and growth that can be caused by delayed visits. The project also aims to raise public awareness of adolescent mental health to reduce discrimination.