SHKP Science & Innovation Project for the Gifted (Phrase III)

Run by: The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong
Beneficiary: 360 people (since project commenced in 2015)

SHKP has funded The SHKP Science and Innovation Project for the Gifted since 2015 which provides one year of free STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses for gifted Primary 3 to Secondary 2 children from low-income families. This project aims to enhance the students’ thinking skills and ignite their creativity and interest in STEM. Their emotion becomes more stable through the positive experience. Knowledge of marine biology and engineering will be added in phrase III to broaden the scope of learning.

SHKP Rainbow with KIDS

Planned by: The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Run by: Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, Harmony House, Hong Kong Single Parents Association and Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council
Beneficiary: Over 620 people (since project commenced in 2017)

SHKP has sponsored the Hong Kong Council of Social Service to plan and organize the SHKP Rainbow with KIDS since 2017. In the project, four experienced NGOs provide diversified therapeutic services for children and young people who are aged below 18 and encountering family crisis in past two years. The services include case interviews, group counselling, games, art and narrative therapy to help the participants relieve psychological stress, express their emotions, and regain confidence.

SHKP “Art to Heart” Expressive Arts x Navigation for Youth Mental Wellness

Run by: Changing Young Lives Foundation
Beneficiary: Over 330 secondary school students and over 2,000 people participating in the related educational activities

SHKP funded this project for the two consecutive years. Through educational talks, experiential workshops and therapeutic intervention, the programme allows secondary students to express their emotions with Expressive Arts, and enhances their ability to control their emotions and level of resilience, and helps with their personal and social development.

SHKP The Starting Line

Run by: J Life Foundation
Beneficiary: 40 people

The project aims to equip underprivileged children with life and communication skills at an early age, while organizing workshops for their parents to enhance their ability to take care of and communicate with their children.

SHKP Cycling Academy x SLS Physical Fitness Training Scheme

Run by: Sports Legacy
Beneficiary: 400 students from SHKP Cycling Academy and over 2,000 secondary school students participating in relevant educational talks

Led by a coach team consisting Hong Kong Cycling Team members who have retired or in their pre-retirement, the programme provides fitness trainings and tests for young cyclists from SHKP Cycling Academy, aiming to help them build strong physicality and resilience. Cycling related educational talks will also be organized to enhance secondary school students’ interest in cycling and awareness on the physical fitness requirements.

Projects run by the charities under the Community Chest of Hong Kong

An Energising Project for Children in the Crucible of Poverty

Run by: Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service
Beneficiary: 700 people

The project is dedicated to nurture underprivileged children, at the age of 3-14, with a holistic growth and development physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. By providing them with opportunities and academic support, the programme aims to actualize their potentials. Mentorship and other positive growth programmes are also developed to help them build a positive life attitude.

Projects run by the charities under the Community Chest of Hong Kong

Photography Link YOUTH

Run by: Suicide Prevention Services
Beneficiary: Over 4,000 people

Supporting youth at-risk by means of photo therapy services, including training groups, individual counselling, voluntary support and community-based activities, the programme enables young people to express themselves, and promotes emotional health through taking part in photography activities.

Projects run by the charities under the Community Chest of Hong Kong

Youth Outlook – Youth Mental Health Services

Run by: Stewards
Beneficiary: 980 people

Through a range of means of case management, family support services, a hotline service and community education, this project targets to help young people who are at risk or suffering from psychosis and/or mental disorders, supporting rehabilitation and minimizing the impacts of delayed treatment on their living, study, social life and growth. It also seeks to increase public awareness for youth mental health through educational talks.